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New 2010 Professional Edition - Version 3.0

Membership sites are extremely popular. Everyone wants to be apart of something and many people pay thousands of dollars a year just to be apart of an exclusive membership. If you are looking for an easy to install and easy to use program which will handle all of your memberships sites requirements, then look no further. Multiple Membership Pro is the program for you! Whether you're starting a new online business or have been in business for years, you can easily integrate this membership program and earn an unlimited income from membership fees.

It can be very difficult to keep track of memberships I know because I have created this script especially for my own needs. This system is so powerful that everyone kept asking me where I bought it. I never thought that I would be selling it! I even added some extra features so that everyone can use them to make their own exclusive membership site. Memberships Make Your Customers Feel Important!

New features and updates Added

General Features Admin Features

  • You can run Unlimited Memberships Levels on one single domain. i.e. Free, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Titanium Membership and so on.

  • Automated New Members Signup and activation process or if required admin can setup manual membership approval.

  • Every membership has its own separate protected area. Now members can access all lower levels of their Membership Areas i.e. If a members get gold level then he/she can access to silver levels pages as well with same user and password.

  • You can charge a different price for every membership level.

  • Add as many pages as you like for every members area with separate contents.

  • To add new members pages, no need to know HTML. You have an integrated admin area with WYSIWYG. Just type your text and then save. We have changed HTML/WYSIWYG Editor for even an better performance.

  • Add different contents from admin area for different members levels.

  • Use one or all three currencies: GB Pound, US Dollar and EURO.

  • Improved Gateway - 4 Payment Processors Paypal - alertpay - 2 checkout and Google Checkout.

  • An affiliate program has been integrated. Let your visitors market your site for you.

  • OTO One Time Offer feature.

  • Now you can pay commisions on OTO One time offer sale to affiliates.

  • Excel Exports - Any data can be exported in excel format from admin area with one click.

  • Built In Password Recovery System.

  • Tell a Friend Feature.

  • Run Your Own Affiliation Program.

  • Re-written Payment gateway for Ease Of Use.

  • Admin now can upgrade and downgrade members manually.

  • Single payment or recurring subscription either can be used.

  • Admin can send out Customized emails with the name, password, email, affiliate and commisions.

  • Added captcha for sucurity in registration form as well as in contact us form.New

  • Admin have the option to setup New Free members email verification if required or not before they can access the members area.This feature is good because it prevents people from using an invalid email when they sign up.New

Payment Gateways
  • Paypal

  • Alertpay

  • 2Checkout

  • Google Checkout

Admin Control Panel:

    Admin Can

  • Configure site settings from the Admin Area.

  • Manage members (Check profiles, delete, block and approve members).

  • Admin will receive an email notification when a new member Joins with details.

  • Can upgrade or downgrade Members manually.

  • Create different membership plans like Free, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Titanium and more.

  • Can Add as many pages for different membership plans as you want without knowledge of HTML thanks to the installed WYSIWYG text editor.

  • Manage affiliate commissions.

  • Can Setup OTO One Time Offer Page.

  • Can Setup OTO Affiliates Commissions %.

  • Can add OTO Products URL so that customers can access products page instantly after payment.

  • Can setup Payment Gateways i.e Paypal ,Alertpay, 2Checkout and Google Checkout.

  • Set automatic payment approval or you can do it manually.

  • Contact all members via email with customizable tags. i.e Name, Email, Password, Affiliate Link, Commissions.

  • Admin can block any membership page to members so that they cannot access that page.

  • Admin can block any membership level to stop members from signing up if required.

  • Search Feature - Admin can search active members.New

  • 3rd party autoresponder to capture Leads New

  • Admin Area Sales Transaction and Affiliate summaries are re-created and approved to track and add correct commissions.New

  • 2Checkout Cron feature summary which will track sales and affiliate internally when customer uses 2checkout and starts subscriptions.New

  • Coupon Management for admin to create discounted coupons for special offers.New

  • Promotional Material i.e. Banner Management and Email Management. Now admin can add Banners and promotional emails for affiliates so they can use them for promotion.New

  • User IP address login tracking so members cannot share there password with other people.New

  • Now admin can add password protected folder for every level of membership. Nobody can access the members area Without login first.New

  • Admin can set default currency to pay commissions. This is good if admin is running site with different currencies and wants to pay affiliate commssions in default currency.New

Members Area Features
  • Members Signup via form and activate membership automatically instantly if free or immediately after payment is completed for paid membership.

  • Can upgrade from their members area to a higher level membership.

  • Higher level members can now access all lower level members area contents.

  • Can Get Affiliate link and refer new members and earn commissions.

  • Can Manage their profile.

  • Can Use built in Tell a friend feature to refer new members.

  • Can see complete stats i.e commissions earned, balance, paid/unpaid etc.

  • Can buy OTO One Time offer.

  • Can complete registration if something happens during registration process witn complete registration feature.New

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